How can I create individual page templates with Debutify theme?

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Hello everyone, I have a big problem regarding my Shopify store I am using the Debutify theme and with this it is apparently impossible to create individual page templates. Whenever I change something on one page, these changes are applied to the entire store. Also on every single page the whole home page is repeated underneath. I have already written to Shopify customer support, but unfortunately they couldn't help me either. Perhaps someone here in the community has had this problem before and knows a solution. Thanks in advance and have a nice week!







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Hello @Marinus1 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


First of all check that the theme is contains JSON templates or not. If the templates in theme are not JSON then this issue will persist. As Shopify 2.0 theme contains JSON templates where we can call same section unlimited time with unique contents. 


So either you have to upgrade to 2.0 theme or hire a developer to upgrade your existing theme to 2.0 theme.


Let me know if I can be helpful in anyways.



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