How can I decrease the size of variant pickers in the Impact theme?

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I would need to modify and reduce the size of the variant selection buttons,

especially for viewing from Desktop...


The theme used is Impact by Maestrooo

Developers could add a customization to choose directly from the theme or product page settings, it would be very useful


Many thanks for your help



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@Manuel07 Please follow the below steps to reduce the variant picker size. Let me know whether it is helpful for you.

1. Go to "Online Store" -> "Themes".
2. Click "Customize" button from the current theme.
3. Go to product page and click "Product page" section like in the below attached screenshot.


4. Locate "Custom CSS" field and paste the below CSS code like in the below attached screenshot.


.variant-picker__option-values .block-swatch {
  padding: 15px 20px;


NOTE: Please adjust the padding value according to your need. If it doesn't helps you, please share your store URL to help you with this.
Please provide your support by click "Like" and "Accepted" if our solution works for you. Thanks for your support.