How can I disable auto minification for specific JavaScript files?

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Shopify is now giving back minified version: 

For development purposes I would like to have the non-minified version for specific javascripts files.

Also, this behavior sometime is breaking some scripts (vue apps) 

Do we  have query parameter or global settings to receive un-minified version? 




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I agree.  This is posing a real pain for debugging some JS changes I need to make.

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@cmirea4all  , @thepig 

Because shopify loves to makes these things like completely  backwards non obvious and more complicated than it needs to be: If you make a file with "min" in it's name the auto-minification doesn't mangle code.


So theme.js > minified , workflow disrupted

theme.min.js > unminified , no post processing , workflow restored



That's right to get an uniminified source while working on a theme you have to put unminified sources in a file named as if it's minified.Other sane expectations do not work to turn off post-processing of resources like enable_js_minification=0 , or a complementary  disable_js_minification , using raw in the name or as a parameter or as a path with assets /assets/raw.

Or at least recognizing that a debugger statement shouldn't be stripped out.

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The solution worked for me! Brilliant find! Thank you PaulNewton!!

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Ha! Thanks @PaulNewton