How can I display a second image on hover in Pipeline theme?

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I have seen a couple of threads about using the 'advanced' theme settings to show the second image when hovering over the product page photos. However, I don't have any advanced options, and I'm unable to set this up. We're using Pipeline theme, does this theme not allow the second image hover function or am I able to add it some other way without adding CSS ?




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hiya, we use and app called iHover- Slider Image On Hover.


Might this work for you?

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Thanks for the heads up about the app, ideally we'd prefer an unpaid option but this could work as a last resort, thank you !

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Not sure if you needed help with this, but you can do a hover image for the products on the collection page. 


When you go to customize page, select the theme settings (icon of a gear) on the very left of the page. 


Then go to "product card" section. In this section you'll see "images in slide show". If you set it to 2, then it should switch for all products on the collection page. If you select more than 2, it will do an automatic slide show of more images when the mouse hovers over the product.