How can I display all product variants in my online store?

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Is there a way to show all Variants when someone is in the shop. For example, A lot of the shoes listed come in other colors and I would like each color to show up individually when someone is looking through product, while also keeping the variants within the same product.




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Hi Joey,


There are indeed a few ways to showcase all variant colors in your shop, particularly for items like shoes with multiple color options. A commonly used approach, especially suitable for apparel brands, involves setting up each color as a separate product rather than as variants under a single product.

You would then have to figure out a way to group them, such as a metafield or product title. You can then, with some custom coding and design work, display these separate products as if they are color variants of one another. This also allows for the colors to show as individual products within a collection, and also allows you more freedom to merchandise.


This method requires a bit of setup and possibly the assistance of a developer or agency. It may sound a bit involved, but honestly this is only the way I have seen in Shopify that gives you the most freedom to both control collection merchandising and color swatches on a product.

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Thanks for the additional information JP. I managed to find an App in the shop, which splits these variants up for me while still keeping the products all grouped together as one 🙂

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Hey, which app did you end up using?