How can I display multiple color variants of a product separately?

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Dear All,


I have the same products in different colors. They are currently displayed as individual products. I would like to combine them in one product where customers will be able to see all color variants. I don't want to upload them as one product with variants, as I would like customers to be able to see all of them as separate products, too. 


I couldn't find an app that does that, but if there is one, I would be happy to use it 🙂 


Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


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Hey @Zdravko,


I personally haven't used these, but it seems to say that it can do what you're asking


I see some other apps recommended under this also. I checked them and they seem to focus more on adding the swatches on the collections page, etc.. Maybe try them and see. 


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I use YMQ Product Options and Variants and can highly recommend it! All of my items have a LOT of variants and the only way I could manage it was by using this app. There's a bit of a learning curve, but they're super helpful!

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Hi @Zdravko,

The Easify Product Options app offers a simple solution to address your concerns effortlessly. This app enables you to establish cross-product links among items that are similar but vary in colors, using the exclusive Option URL feature 🤗. Although it may resemble switching between Shopify variants, it's essentially a seamless transition between distinct products. Here's a brief demonstration:


t w.png


t b.png

App Settings: 

To implement this, you will need to create similar option sets for each of your products that only differ in color. The option sets differ in the default selected option value and assigned product.



  • White T-shirt option set:





  • Duplicate and edit the White T-shirt option set to create the Black T-shirt option set:





If you encounter any challenges during the setup process, feel free to connect with the Easify team through the in-app live chat for prompt assistance.

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Hi Maya


We developed a new App that lets you merge and combine your existing products into a new Product with Variants. During the save process of the new Product you can choose if you would like to keep the previous Products active or archive them automatically.


I hope this will help you achieve your goal and simplify your workflow.


You find our app “Merges“ in the shopify app store :

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