How can I display product prices with VAT included on my e-commerce site?

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Hello experts,


I'm trying to set up our shop so that our products show the VAT included in the price on the product pages, collections and anywhere else the price is shown. For example, the below product shows £3.29 but it should show £3.95 (it's £3.29 including 20% VAT leading to a total of £3.95). 




I'm also looking to have the checkout page display the product price including VAT (£3.95), then a subtotal of £3.29, a VAT line underneath showing the VAT amount (£0.66), the delivery price, and a grand total that includes all of the lines above totalled (£3.95). Here's how it currently looks.




My aim is to have the lines show up as:

Product price (including VAT)






Sidenote: Not entirely sure why it's showing £0.55 when it should show £0.66, might be a setting I've misapplied.


I hope you can help me with a solution. We require our products to include the VAT for the invoicing app that we're using on Shopify, and UK customers expect to see the full price when they're shopping online. There would be a very large amount of abandoned carts if customers saw the excluded price while shopping and discovered that all their items were suddenly 20% more expensive when they finally get to the checkout. Honestly, I don't understand why there isn't an option to do this already on Shopify (and if there is, please point it out to me).


Website is

Password: botaniclabels

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Kind regards


Botanic Labels.



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hi @DominicB ,

Can yo please check message? thank you!

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Same issue here