How can I display two collections side by side on mobile?

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Hi! I was really trying to search all day if there's an app or a code that can do this for my website? I want it to make 2 collections next to each other on mobile rather than on on top of each other. Similar to Fashionnova. I'll send a screenshot.

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Can you provide link to your store?? Also let me know which section needs to be next to each other on mobile. I ill review it and provide answer accordingly.


Thank you

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Hi! My store link is


As an example. I would like Customer Favorites and Black n White to be next to each other. Something like the image attached below..Screenshot 2023-11-01 174155.jpg

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Hi @fiddystickers ,



view - 2023-11-03T085638.475.png


Currently color stickers are located between black & white stickers and custom favorites

You can move COLOR STICKER to another place so that BLACK & WHITE STICKER and CUSTOM FAVORITE are next to each other.


view - 2023-11-03T090737.913.png

You add a div tag with class custom-fiddystickers wrapped in black & white sticker and custom favorites. Then insert the css code as follows:


.custom-fiddystickers {
    display: flex;
    margin-bottom: 16px;

This is the desired result:


view - 2023-11-03T091027.665.pngHope it helps @fiddystickers ! 

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