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How can I duplicate a filter panel to link another menu in my product collection?

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I am trying to introduce filtering to one of the collections.


The way it works: Each product has a desired tag--> tags make a collection--> collection links to menu-->menu links to filter selection. I am happy how this works BUT: 


I am having a problem with duplicating or reproducing menu in the filter panel on the left. It allows me to use just one menu. Could someone help with duplicating current panel so I can connect another menu (with another tags) ? 




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Your description doesn't make it entirely clear what you mean as your using arbitrary terms and features vary wildly among themes.

Also be aware there is a difference now between storefront-filtering and tag-based-filtering. 

Storefront filtering is much more powerful 


For the sidebar on the page if it's using a navigation-menu avoid duplication just continue filling options in the existing menu as menus now support nesting, and a good theme should support that in it's sidebar.


If the sidebar does not behave as a theme editor block then you will need an advanced theme customization to add multiple areas to the sidebar.



If you need this customization worked out and implemented then contact me by mail for services.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.
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