How can I effectively reorder product variants on a client's site?

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A few questions regarding product variants.  I'm working on a clients site, and working on a particular variant. Regardless of what I do and reorder it, after saving it always reverts to the bottom incorrect photo. I've tried rewording it (incase it's prioritizing alphabetical/numerical sequins), used an invisible character, copied the entire product, all to no solution. As soon as I save it after reordering it, it pops back to the incorrect order. 


I've found because there are only "B" in "Mixed 7mm-15mm", not in the single length numbers, so it seems to be prioritizing the first letter B listed "curl" to length. However, would it be possible for the landing variant to automatically land on "C"?



An additional question/solution - would there be a way to put a line break between variants? First photo is how it appears in preview, and bottom is the mockup.



Thanks in advance! 


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Would it possible to get the link to the store? 

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I have everything in drafts, as I'm totally reorganizing my clients website so unfortunately it's not live as I'm not wanting to update it until her and I go over it together. The theme is Sense. Also all items also are stricken out as of now as to not disrupt her inventory as well. Would full screen shots help?


Thanks for your response!