How can I enable multiple variant selection for a single product?

How can I enable multiple variant selection for a single product?

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Hi, I’m hoping someone can help please 

I want to add multiple selection criteria for my product.

For example I am wanting to sell a pick and mix bag of sweets and this would require the customer to select 10 different sweets out of the 30 sweet options (preferably pictures) to customise their bag of sweets.

Any advice on how to do this please?

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Hello @Cerez

You can try out the MultiVariants - Bulk order application to fulfill your requirement.

First, create the product on your Shopify and add variants. Upload an image for each variant so that the image will show on the product page. After adding all the variants by using  MultiVariants - Bulk order application you can limit your variants to 10.

So that your customers won’t able to buy less or more than 10.

Also, you can use it without restrictions. For showing the variants on the product page and your customer can choose according to their preference.


Here is a Demo product where the limit is - customer needs to choose 10 different variants from the list and they can purchase 10 products in total at a time. However, you can set the rule in many different ways.  

To check some of the sample products, you can visit the Demo store to explore more features.

Hope it helps

Thank you

multivariants order quantity limitmultivariants order quantity limit

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Hey @Cerez,


Molly here from AvisPlus Product Options - Customize Product Options & Increase Conversion Rate. I understand your requirements and happily introduce our FREE option app which works best for your idea.


I have created a sample product for you in our demo store named 'Candy Mix' (Please access our demo store by clicking the link above). Customers can choose multiple selections (from 2 to 5, or exactly 5 types of candies) on just one product page and you can set up the number of selections in the app.


I am happy to have a live demo/online onboarding for you. You can DM me here, email me or reach me in the live chat of the app. I am awaiting your response!




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