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How can I exclude a specific tag from my search and discover filter?

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I set up a filter by tag with search and discover but I need to exclude one tag so that it does not appear in the filter list. Any ideas how I can remove this?



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can I accomplish this with CSS? It is literally one tag that I need to remove. 

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Did you ever find a solution for this? I have the same problem!

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any news? did you get to it somehow??

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Hi, we've just had this very issue on a clients store, where we use a tag called 'show_no_price' to hide the price and checkout buttons for specific products to instead show an enquire button to open a contact us modal. 

Once we added this app and set it up, we found the tag showing in the filter list. The only way we found to remove it is to edit the code within your theme. I don't believe there is any logic or way or hiding / removing / excluding any tags from the tags option via the app.

As an example see below images. What we done was found the storefront-filters liquid file, then found the area responsible for the tags accordion, and placed a little IF statement within that. This will stop the checkbox showing if the tag matches. 

Of course you could rethink this for an array if you have many tags to exclude. |

Conclusion, this is something that needs to be performed within the code of your theme and not the app. We are app & theme developers so happy to help users out with implementing this within your code if needed.


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