How can I filter a large inventory by tag on the Impulse 2.0 theme?

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I have searched and found a few discussions on this but still haven't seen any answers on how to go about this but I have a very large inventory and just setting up a new impulse theme, but still in the trial phase. I wanted to first see as it is such a large number of products it is very important that the customer can filter them further. I am getting products through a dropshipper and they have supplied the inventory files, and have already attached tags to the products. What I would like to do is be able to set up a further filter and the only way I can see is through the tags, but cannot see how it can be done. I have asked the Impulse support but they are saying it may only be possible through apps. I have searched the apps but cannot find one that would work (My inventory is over 15000+ items) so does anyone have any suggestions on what app or what I can do to have this work?
Thank you!!!


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