How can I fix the z-index issue with sticky navigation and a popup?

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I have a problem that I want to explain in a simplified manner.


Say we have two elements, both in the same hierarchy. each of them gets a position fixed at a certain point.


Parent 1 has many children  2 are my concern, Lets call them Child A and Child B.


Parent 1 : Wrapper of sticky nav for the website, fixed the moment you scroll

Child A: the sticky Nav .

Child B: Drawer cart

Parent 2: a popup notification from an APP


I want parent 2 to be above Child A, and below Child B.


Parent 1 must have high Z-index since its the navigation that sticks on scroll.


Can I have it that the order is ( Child A < Parent 2 < Child B )



To my understanding , to make parent 2 show up above Child A, it has to have higher z-index, however, if parent 1 has less z-index than parent 2, then parent 2 stays above child A & B. no matter what thier z-index are.


The code is long and I would post it if there is a possibility for a solution to this 

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oh sorry any issue if possible to share issue image and store url

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