How can I format a metafield on my product page?

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Hi, I am trying to format a metafield on my product page. It's just single-line text that sits in the product info to show delivery times for each product. 


I want to make this bold and green but can't figure out where to add the CSS for this. I've tried a few things already. I'm using Dawn on Shopify 2.0.



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Hi Franrulzok. 


So I tend to use Font Picker App which is 100% free and work really well.


No coding required so this app won't effect theme updates. Can be tricky, but if you watch the video guide, it should clear everything up.

Appreciate it if you Like and Mark Solution. Thanks!

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This isn't really working. It seems like a great app but because my metafield is placed within a text block it's just changing all of the text blocks in the product section now. I can't seem to find the code that I could place in there so it only picks up the the metafield text.