How can I improve user experience with a device filter for phone cases?

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I work with a phone case company and we want to make this:
create a “device” filter and when the customer chooses the iPhone X, all the iPhone Xs appear with all the designs on the site.
If customer choose Samsung S24, all designs go to S24 to have direct view of phone case with design.

The problem is I have 500 phone case designs and many designs,

Do you think it is possible to do like Rhinoshield and have a mockup of each phone and when I choose a phone the mockups are put in and the designs go onto the mockup directly?

Do you have an idea of what I could do to improve the user experience?

Here is a link and photos to see an example:

Thanks for all

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Hello @MaxenceGarandel 


Welcome to Shopify community. 


Thanks for the reference site but it a custom builded functionality. So you need to seek help from the developer at reasonable rate. 


Let me know if you need one. 




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