How can I include packaging weight in total cart weight calculation?

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I've got the total cart weight to display on the cart page. All okay... But I need to add the weight of my packaging to the total.

The line of code i used is :        

              <p>Total cart weight: {{ cart.total_weight | weight_with_unit }}</p>

How can I add either the packaging weight saved in my shipping to this total in the code above or simply 0.22kg (which is the packaging weight). 

Thanks for any help! 


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Hello George!

Simply add 0.22kg to your cart total weight like so:

<p>Total cart weight: {{ cart.total_weight | plus: 220 | weight_with_unit }}</p>


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Hi, so I was able to add this code.  But I am having trouble.  If I add or delete an item, the weight will not update.  Is there any way to do this?

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Top man! Just figured it out myself this second too! I was adding 0.22 instead of using 220! Thanks so much!