How can i increase the number of product in a product bloct to display on homepage?

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I am using ELLA theme and this is my store link

I want ti increase the number of product shown in product block. Now the limit is 20 products but i want to make it 100 or all products on my store without any load more button. 

here you will see a load more button and for now if you click on it only then it will load more products but initially it will show you only 20 products.

So can i make anything that will change the product limit=20 into product limit=100

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To increase the number of products displayed in a product block on the homepage, you can modify the settings in your website's backend or CMS (Content Management System). Look for options related to product block configuration or homepage layout customization. You may find settings to adjust the number of products shown per row or the total number of products displayed in the block. Alternatively, if your website uses custom code for this functionality, you may need to edit the corresponding HTML or PHP files to increase the product limit. Be sure to test the changes to ensure they display correctly on the homepage.

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Hi @SumayahIslam 
I've checked and found that there's an attribute called 'data-inventory-quantity' indicating the stock quantity of this product. Therefore, the theme's logic only allows you to add a maximum quantity equal to this value.
Please ensure that the stock quantity of this product is >= 100. Then try again, if the issue persists, I'll assist you in fixing it.



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