How can I link different color variants of the same product?

How can I link different color variants of the same product?

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Hi All - My Store is


Im needing help with variants. For Example i have a jumper in 3 different colours. Blue, Purple & Black.


I've listed these as 3 individual products so they show on the collections list separately. However I am wanting to link these separate listings as a variant on each product ie. The blue also shows an option for the Purple & Black. I've tried googling and nothing seems to be working... PLEASE HELP!

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Hi @Nikkibrown,


I understand on what you want. Unfortunately, this will require to change several codes, and group the product together. You need to hire a developer to do so

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That would be an advanced theme customization general known as product families or single-variant-products,etc. I have some forum posts the topic found by searching.


  If you cannot get a theme customization done the simplest app based approach is to just add those variants to all products, give each set of variants with the same options a shared sku for each product that it's in (ex red=RJUMP),  make sure the order of variants is appropriate to each containing product,   then use a sku-sync app to keep inventory even for each variant between the products.


If you need the advanced theme customization and have the budget for it contact me.

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Our app Variant Robot should be of great use to your shop:

Variant Robot can automatically link your separately listed products that are perceived as separate variants, such as individually listed colors.

The app features automatic synchronization, ensuring newly added products are linked together seamlessly.

When activating the app for the first time, you only need to define a few settings. This allows the app to understand the association between your separately listed products.