How can I list all archived (sold out) products in a collection or page?

How can I list all archived (sold out) products in a collection or page?

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Hello everyone,

In my shop I sell unique vintage and antique items which are just single items (so there's almost never more then one of each items in stock). I do however want to show what has been sold to give my customers a overview of what my collection is about.

I am wondering if there's a simple way to show archived products (out of stock) in a collection or page that I can name: Sold! Without showing unnecessary information like prices or buttons etc, just the product image only would be great.

Right now I am using the Simple theme.

Much love,


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Hello Rémon,

You can create a new collection "Sold out",

While creating  new  collection  'Collection type = Automated"

And in condition "Inventory Stock = 0" 
In this way all the sold out products will go in this collection.

To remove the price, button etc. you have to create alternate template for this collection and exclude the code which you don't want.
Here you check about alternate templates.



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Hi Guleria,

Thanks for your reply! But would this also work for archived products?

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Hi, Guleria!


This helps a lot 🙂 But, unfortunately it doesn't resolve the problem entirely. When I do this, yes, I have a perfect gallery of everything that is sold out, but those same sold out products are still crowding the main shop. Is there an option to have them in a collection, but hide them from the shop?

Thank you so much in any case!

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Did you ever figure this out? Im trying to do the same and am having the same difficulties



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Having a similar issue. I was told the only way I can do this is by additional paid apps that I don't believe is the only way to do it. 


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Hey, I set up something on my site that may work for you. I assigned the product tag "archive" to products that aren't available anymore, and then set up a new page that only displays products with that tag. And then for my main storefront I assigned the tag "available" and made it so that only those products are visible. That way the two are separated. 


Hope this helps!