How can I make my hero image more interesting?

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Hey guys,

I am currently transferring from Squarespace to Shopify




I am trying to find any apps or code that can make my hero image and image with text in Shopify fancier or just not plain boring, but my theme debut lacks options.

Anyone know any apps, I tried to search for hopefully free design apps in shopify to just enhance it as much as I can but no luck.


Any one got any ideas?


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You can customize your theme or create a new section .

If you want something similar to your squarespace website, do checkout shopify's "Motion" theme.

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If you're on a budget, there are a few copy/paste sections out there like this one that will allow you to customize any theme you have. It can be a potential worthwhile solution for your case.

Kind regards,

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Thanks, I really love that theme! Maybe in the future, don't have the funds right now 😞


Thank you! It's good and I think I will get this to give my website a bit of motion, better than nothing. Thanks!