How can I match my new header menu design with the existing ones?

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I just added a Sub Menu to a Menu Item on my header from the "Navigation" section of my shopify store. However, when hovering on that new menu, the drop down menu and the header does not look like anything from the other menus. The first image is the new Menu. The second image is from another menu. Anybody can help on what I need to do to make sure my new menu Item and sub menu looks exactly like my other menu items? 


My website link is here and I'm using pipeline theme 


Image #1 


Image 2 


As you can see, when hovering over "Le club Montreal", the whole header does not become all white like my other menu items such as "Lifestyle". 




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Hi @Alex1996 ,


It looks like "Le club Montreal" only has two items[Child]. This is why it is not displayd as a mega menu. If you are more items second child, the menu should be changed into a mega menu. Can you try adding a child inside Le Club Boutique ?

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