How can I modify image hover and click effects in Craft Theme 13.1?

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On the Craft Theme 13.1 is there a way to do two things.

In the Featured Image Section can I:


1. Make it so that when I hover over an image. It does not zoom into the image.

2. When I click into the image to write some code so that the second image does not show. On the product page.


So, I have it so that it shows second image on hover. But it zooms into the image a bit can I make it just show the second image on hover. Then when the click and access the product page. Can that second image, now be hidden??



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Hey there @ambientcandle19 


So by your description


You need when I hover on the product card it should show me second image and this second image should have an effect of growing in size(not actually growing outside the box it will be inside the container)


when I click on the product and visit the product page that second image shall not be visible.

It may seems impossible but it is using some script and coding it will take time to implement but 100% possible.


If you are unable to implement the same then I'm happy to do this for you, let me know. I can implement the code changes so that this will work well for you.


Hopefully, it will help you. If yes then Please don't forget to hit Like and Mark it as the solution!

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