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How can I reduce collection image size in the Dawn theme?

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Hello guys,

How do I reduce the collection image size in the Dawn theme? I only have two products in this collection (see attached image of "E-COMMERCE" Collection ), in that case, the images are way too big.
But I have some other collections which contain more than four products they look just fine. (see attached image of "FACEBOOK" Collection).

I want all of the collection image sizes as same as the "FACEBOOK" Collection. I've resized the product image size in dawn theme before but don't have any clue how to reduce the collection image size.


Thank you.

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We are facing the same difficulty! Does anybody have a solution for this?

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Hello everyone,

I originally came to this forum in search of answers! After wanting the same effect to my product collections, I duplicated my store and began messing with the theme's code.

I found in the base.css, adjusting the "max-width" of ".grid_item" to 25% in lines 950 and 960 stopped my product grids from resizing themselves to large proportions!

I hope this helps someone else. 🙂