How can I resize and rearrange my website footer?

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Hello everyone,

I'n wondering about the footer. I want to make it smaller and to make all necessary information in one line. Now I have a line with company info in the middle on the footer, and below this line is a place to subscribe to news. I want to make them on one line. Screenshots attached (the one is mine, and another is what I want it to look like):

Знімок екрана 2024-03-12 о 14.24.37.png

Знімок екрана 2024-03-12 о 14.24.51.png


Hope you can help!


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Hello @IraKarpova 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


As per your request, footer code needs to be change completely to make the desired layout. Which includes HTML, CSS and Liquid. So I would highly recommend you to seek help of a developer at reasonable cost to help you.


Let me know if you need one.



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