How can I resolve the scrolling issue on DAWN for mobile view?

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Hi everyone! Does anyone know how I can fix the scrolling functionality when I come to this point of our website (on mobile view): 

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 22.27.51.png

When I am on top of these pictures here, I can't scroll, only if I scroll on the left or right side where its space for it, but I want it to be possible to scroll no matter where you scroll on the screen, if that makes sense. This is an app showing before an after pictures. 

This page is not live yet, but let me know if there is any more info you need in order to solve this one.

Thanks a million in advance!

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Hi @Onlinetrap Thanks for the explanation, As you have mentioned that you are using a 3rd party app for this functionality then you need to connect with the app support so that they can provide you the solution as I think you will be using the Iframe code and Iframe code can't be edited.


If you need any other assistance then please feel free to ask the same.


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