How can I set a minimum cart value for Afterpay option?

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Hi Guys,

Is there a way to hide Afterpay as a payment option until a carts value is $100 or more? Or if a customer selects afterpay and their cart is less than $100 it pops up an error "Sorry - the minimum spend to use Afterpay is $100" with a Continue Shopping button???

Thanks everyone


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Hi, Mike!

Katy here from Shopify- thanks for posting!

While it is possible to set minimum orders amounts per checkout, it is not currently possible to define this by gateway on our standard plans. This is something that would require custom coding to the checkout.liquid file. We have a little more info on this here

However, what you could do is add a note on your checkout page, by editing the checkout language to explain this to your customers, that orders less that $100 cannot be processed via the AfterPay gateway on your store. 

If you do plan to use one gateway only, you may like to have a look at some of the minimum order amount apps. I've listed some of them here:


I hope this helps you out!


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Hi Katy,

I'm wondering if there has been any updates on setting minimum spend on pay later schemes especially now the merchant incurs and additional fee from customers using these options. Thanks

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Hi Mike,

How did you set your minimum afterpay amount?

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Hi, did you work out how to set the afterpay minimum amount?

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Hey Mike, have you found a resolution to this? I dunno about other countries, but in Aus, we lose 6% of every AP sale, then Shopify take an ADDITIONAL 2%. It's ridiculous. Why do they take more than card and paypal payments for AP when AP already steal so much off us.


I have customers spending as little as $10 on their AP orders, despite me having announcements and slideshows explaining that AP orders are $50 minimum (then customers still try their luck and realise I was lying. lol. so they get away with it.)


Shopify should have found a resolution to this considering they take an extra 2% from us...

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I am in the exact same boat!!!!
have you had any updates at all?

I’ve seen on big retailers like Myer and other dept stores you have to spend $50 to use afterpay - so why can’t it be the same for us small biz peeps? It’s super frustrating losing so many $$$$ I’m almost at the point of pulling the AP pin and just telling everyone to use PayPal pay it in 4 which is no fees for anyone

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Nope, haven’t heard back from anyone! I put an announcement bar saying “AfterPay eligible on orders $50+” and it’s my only “solution” at the moment. 

And yes Kmart have $75+ minimum spend I think for AP. Maybe their own web host allows that feature. 

If only Shopify was more helpful considering we pay $500+ a year…😅

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Hello Mike, yes you can hide Afterpay payment method if the order value is less than $100 with PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app. Follow the below steps to achieve this.


  1. First you need to write "Afterpay" in the "Additonal payment methods" field.
  2. Then write 100 in the "Min (minimum)" field of the "Cart total" option.

Here is a screenshot so that you can understand this easily.