Re: How can I set up automatic discounts to show on Collection, Product and Cart pages?

How can I set up automatic discounts to show on Collection, Product and Cart pages?

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I have setup Automatic Discounts on my store, so that all products are 50% off. This shows up, however, only when customers finally get through to the Checkout page. I feel I'll lose customers who don't see how much their discount is before they get to Checkout, even though it is clearly shown on banners on each page.  

I originally had created discounts using the Price vs. Compare Price, but then discovered that the Checkout Page didn't show the discount customers recieve, only the end price. We were getting a lot of drop-offs at checkout, and we can't alter the checkout code.

So as a workaround, I am trying to code into the (i) Collection Page (ii) Product Page and (iii) Cart page the discount. 


on the Product Page it would show the Variant/Current-Price as a strikethrough, and the 0.5 times Current-Price as the way a normal sale price would show up. 

On the Cart Page, it would show Original Price; Your Savings (i.e. Variant/Current-price totals x 0.5, in red); and then Subtotal after savings (i.e. Variant/Current-price x0.5) 

The customer, would then see the same discount applied at all stages - from Collection page through to Cart and Checkout.  

I've tried applying 'times 0.5' but it briefly shows the 50% price, then reverts quickly back to the 100% price as the page loads. 

I also don't know how to show the (mock) compare at price, showing the original 100% price and make sure the sale price is in red (or sale colour). 

Any advice or help is truly appreciated! Thanks so much!



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Follow up: I've solved the issue on Cart and Collection Page, but I still have an issue on the Product page where the adjusted 50% price flashes up momentarily, before reverting to full price as the page reloads.


Anyone else looking for an answer to the other issues:  

(i) I've managed to adjust on the Cart Pages by going to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Snippets >"product-info.liquid" and editing 

 <span class="money">{{ product.price_min | money }}</span>


<span class="money">{{ product.price_min | times: 0.5 | money }}</span>


(ii) Cart it resolved itself and now shows up. I am hoping to be able to show total savings under the subtotal page. 

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I was wondering the same thing! I have a "Sale" collection setup but how do they know what the discount is if it doesn't show the sale price?