How can I share my site with you that I am currently working on (a copy) and is NOT yet published?

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Greetings everyone



I currently am using the Prestige theme. 


I already have a store that I am running but I am working on a COPY of an updated version of the Prestige theme that is not yet published.


I have a few questions and problems I want to fix on the COPY version, not my published & outdated version that is live.


How I can I share the COPY version instead of the live published version with you guys so you can see and help me with my problems?


Thank you so much!!





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See if this works: 

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hey!  Thanks for the response.


Here is a link to the preview of my store:


Do you think if I had a question involving editing codes, helpers like yourself can help with that using this preview?

Or I can just try making a discussion outright right now to see if it works.


Anyways, thanks for your help 🙂