How can I translate collection sort options in Dawn 2 theme?

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Hello all,

I am having problems with translating collection sort options. I found them in en.default.schema.json,  but changing them doesn't reflect in webpage, except label node. Using Dawn 2 theme.

I am speaking about these  main-list-collections

"sort": {
"label": "Sort collections by:",
"options__1": {
"label": "Alphabetically, A-Z"
"options__2": {
"label": "Alphabetically, Z-A"
"options__3": {
"label": "Date, new to old"
"options__4": {
"label": "Date, old to new"
"options__5": {
"label": "Product count, high to low"
"options__6": {
"label": "Product count, low to high"


Also i can't change them in liquid file as they are passed in that liquid with results object.

It could be that these translations don't mach with translation keys.


I am stuck with this, hopefully someone can help.  Thank you!!!

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