How can I use custom CSS to display the collection name instead of 'Search Results'?

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Hey everyone, I'm building out my site still and installed an app to add customizable filters (Searchandise Search & Filter).

Now, when I click on a collection from my main menu, the app has set it to redirect to a "Search Results" page with the collection products on it. For example, when I click "Men's Apparel", it takes me to /pages/search-results-page?collection=mens-apparel and the header on the page shows "Search Results" instead of what I'd like it to say, which in this example would be "Men's Apparel" i.e. the collection name.

The app gives me the ability to add custom CSS to the results page, so is there any way to code it so that it targets the collection name and spits it out as the header instead of "Search Results"?

If it makes any difference, I am using the Taste theme.

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