How can i visiable to all hidden elements on page liquid file?

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Dear all,


I would like to ask if there have any codes i can applied in all pages' liquid and json file to make all hidden elements be visible?


It's urgent, please try to reply me ASAP.Since the launch date is coming very soon.


Thanks for your advanced help.



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I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Is this for debugging? It's very likely that showing ALL hidden elements on a page is going to mess up the page...


html body * {
  display: block !important;
  visibility: visible !important;


In the theme.css should do it, you may need to add some more specificity, the * selector is NOT performant to have in production, and it's also not good to use !important.


It would be better to find the specific element classes or IDs that you want to show and set the CSS just for those.

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Yes, It's for debugging. It looks weird that all the codes occurs when i was using the inspect mode but it didn't work when i tried to change the mode from hidden to visible.


Can i change the mode by using the google chrome theme editor indeed?