How can we color code admin panels for different online stores?

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We have several stores, one for testing, a main production store, and several support stores. I always make sure to check the store I'm editing but with several tabs open, it can become very easy to accidentally edit the wrong store if you're tired/rushing/etc. We're all human and make mistakes so it would be nice to be able to color code the admin panel based on your store. I don't think this needs to be fancy. Whether is a custom set of colors or a preset of colors doesn't matter much to me, but I think it would add a lot of value to be able to easily visually confirm I'm working in the right store. 



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Hi, @connorbailes

Welcome to the Shopify Community! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I understand why you'd want to be able to change the admin color for different stores. This would help ensure you're working on the correct store while navigating between them. I'd be happy to share this feedback with our developers. While we can't guarantee any changes, the more feedback we receive about a request the better! 

Thanks again for sharing your feedback here. 

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Hi @connorbailes

I too would find this quite handy, we also have a few stores and I have previously made the mistake of uploading the wrong file to the wrong store 😞. I would say in my defence that it is relatively easy to do as considering all the sites admin panels look the same bar the store name in the upper left hand side plus you don't target the intended store from within the import file itself. 


Thanks @Hilary for reply and taking an interest. Given the number of people who have replied and viewed this thread, I would understand if response from the developers was somewhat muted. But still it was nice to see a response from Shopify. 

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Hear hear! This would be a really nice QoL improvement. I used to have a similar situation with Magento, but I would actually use separate Chrome profiles with different themes. This wouldn't be ideal with Shopify since you simply switch between stores right within the same admin session, rather than requiring that you log in to a separate admin site with separate credentials.