How did you find out about us? question on my website

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Hey there!
I'd like to place a post-purchase "how did you find out about us?" question on my website. Is that possible and would google analytics be able to associate the responses with the purchases that were made? I.E. I would hope to be able to see the form responses and the associated orders values in the google analytics accounts.
If not, if anyone knows how to add a "how did you find out about us?" question onto the cart or checkout pages I'd be very happy for any info.
I have a shopify 2.0 theme (Prestige). Really appreciate any help you can give me!
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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @MonicaRB,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'm happy to provide some assistance with this request, to ensure it gets resolved. 


To achieve this, I'd recommend checking out the Shopify App Store. We have various apps available that may allow you to complete this. For ease, I've gone ahead and made a few suggestions listed below that you can look into:



As you are looking for an app with specific features, I'd recommend getting in touch with the app developers directly. They will be able to provide clarification on an app's capabilities and customizations to confirm whether or not the app will fit your shop's needs. To get in contact with an app developer, you can head to the Shopify App Store and select Support > Send A Message


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

Blair | Shopify 
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Hello Monica,

I understand you want to gather post-purchase feedback from your customers. For this, I recommend using the HulkApps NPS Post Purchase Survey. It's tailored for Shopify stores like yours and integrates seamlessly with the Prestige theme.

How to Implement HulkApps NPS Post Purchase Survey on Shopify:

  • Install the HulkApps NPS Post Purchase Survey app from the Shopify App Store.
  • Navigate to the app dashboard within Shopify.
  • Set up your survey question: "How did you find out about us?".
  • Customize the appearance to align with your Prestige theme.
  • Activate the survey to start collecting feedback post-purchase.

Should you encounter any challenges or have questions during the setup, our dedicated customer service team is always available to assist and guide you through the process. Your success and smooth experience are our top priorities.
Link of our app: Hulk NPS post Purchase Survey 
Best regards, Zo 🙂

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Hello Monica,


Thank you for reaching out to the Shopify community! 


Gojiberry is a free to use survey & feedback app that might just fit what you are looking for! Our survey appears on the check-out page — the responses are then collected into our analytical dashboard to give you good insights. 


You can check out our app here: 


Hope this helps! Happy to talk more if you need additional guidance. 


Cheers, Amee 🫐

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