How difficult is it to change my store front from a headless design to a shopify template?

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Hi All,

I am inquiring about if it's easy or difficult and what are the steps to change my Shopify customer interface. My current website design is headless and we are facing multiple issues getting channels tracking to work properly. So we thought about moving back to our old template which was a native Shopify design. Just to let you know we are not changing anything with the Shopify backend just the store front.


Also is it easy to setup tracking on Shopify's native template, or are we going to run into similar challenges after we change the store front?. To give you a context, the main reason for having tracking not working properly is due to having the checkout on a different link than the whole (current) website. So we think when we move to a Shopify native template, this is going to be fixed.


Appreciate your support on that!

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Thank you for your comment Harsh; It's so helpful.

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Hi @ahmed-omar ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.


Switching from Headless to Native Shopify Theme:

Difficulty: Moderate


  • Potentially easier tracking setup with Shopify's built-in features.
  • May fix checkout tracking issues if the checkout link differs from your website.


  1. Theme Selection: Find a native theme that aligns with your brand and needs on the Shopify theme store.
  2. Theme Installation: Install the chosen theme within your Shopify admin panel.
  3. Theme Customization (Optional): Customize colors, fonts, etc. through the theme editor (may require coding for extensive changes).
  4. Content Migration (Optional): Migrate unique content (e.g., blog posts) to the new theme if needed.
  5. Testing: Test all functionalities thoroughly before making the new theme live.


  • Functionality: Ensure the new theme offers features you currently have (e.g., product filtering).
  • Customization: Replicating extensive customization might be difficult.
  • Development Resources: You might need a developer for complex theme adaptations.

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Thank you Theodore, this is so helpful, are you by any chance able to help me with that? how much does that cost (budgetary cost)?