How do I add my site style to the automation emails?

How do I add my site style to the automation emails?

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I was playing around with the automation emails that were already in my emails. I tried to edit them and I'm able to do that but cannot seem to find where I can just add my site style to it, so everything looks cohesive.

Anyone know how I can easily do that?


Thanks in advance!

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@sarat86 - You can check and edit shopify emails from notifications tab, you can change html structure and add styling to it as well

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Hi @sarat86 
You can change or add custom styles to the emails by going to Settings -> Notifications. There, you will find a list of various email templates for specific events. Select the email template you wish to customize, then click Edit Code.
Here, you can modify the HTML structure and add your own styling.

Have a wonderful day at work! 😀




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