How do I add PNG icons over 2 sections and over an image?

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Hi, I am trying to add these 2 floral png's on the left and ride side of the site, anchored to the sides. How do I add them into both sections? I would like for them to be positioned how they are, where they overlap in between sections. The website is and the password is "NoAccessYet"

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Hi @LiefdeApparel ,

Go to Online store -> Themes -> Edit code -> search for the theme.liquid file

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Copy this code to the end of the file:

     window.addEventListener("load", (event) => {
        const flowerImage1 = document.createElement('img');
        const flowerImage2 = document.createElement('img');
        flowerImage1.src=''; //replace it with the link to your first flower image
        flowerImage2.src='' //replace it with the link to your second flower image
        flowerImage1.alt = 'Flower1';
        flowerImage2.alt = 'Flower2';

        const newsletterDiv = document.querySelector('');
        newsletterDiv.appendChild(flowerImage2); = 'relative'
        flowerImage1.setAttribute('width', '200px')
        flowerImage2.setAttribute('width', '200px') = 'absolute' = 'absolute' = '20px' = '20px' = '100px' = '-200px' = 100 = 100


view - 2024-04-01T143000.699.png

Hope it helps @LiefdeApparel 

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