How do I add the "Product Information" section in the Index/Home Page?

How do I add the "Product Information" section in the Index/Home Page?

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I am trying to make a one-product shopify store and i am using the Origin theme. That means I will need to make the product page the homepage. I googled it and see that you can just make the usual homepage LOOK like the product page, but the thing is the homepage doesn't have the "Product Information" section, which allows me to do collapsible rows and additional blocks: 


The homepage only has the "Featured Product" section which has only a limited about of blocks, i can't create collapsible rows or other useful blocks.




I saw another method where you make the product page the homepage by changing custom code, but when i did that. I didn't like that the home website had additional text in my URL handle.


Is there any way that i can use the "Product Information" section in the home page?



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Can you share your store url

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Hi @Donflamingo786 

You can add Custom Liquid block and this code in this section. 

{{ product.description }}

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 15.41.43.png


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Hi, Dan

I am trying and it is not active with me