How do i add unlocked discount to cart pop up notification? Dawn theme. Please help!

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Hi, I have a buy 5 items get 25% discount code but with the "pop up notification" window it doesnt show the unlocked discount which would be great to see. I know that the "drawer" cart design shows it but it takes up 90% of the screen every time you choose a product so didnt want to use that. If it could be added would be great or if you know of any apps that work well for what im after please let me know.


website is


Any help will seriously be much appreciated! Thanks 

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Hi @dean27 !


For this, you might want to applications that has the feature that you like to achieve such as, UpCartiCart, and Monk Free Gift & Cart Upsell. Here is the full list as well so you can check and see what works best for you: Cart Pop Upsell Apps 2024.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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