How do I assign a new template to a collection?

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Hey all,


I’ve just started to try and get a menu going, adding collections to it. I will be selling skateboards so I have so far a collection for Decks and a collection for Bearings. I successfully added them both to my menu but now I want to edit them a bit individually.


I was able to figure out where I can go to create a template for this. I see there’s a default one so I understand I need to create a template specific for both Decks and Bearings. Let’s say for ease of explaining I want to change the banner image, therefore they must both have their own template.


My problem is I can’t see where I need to go to assign this new template that I’ve created to the collection. I’m on mobile Shopify app and feel like I’ve gone through every possible option trying to see how I can attach the Deck collection to the Deck template and am having no luck.


Can anyone help? 🙂



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Do it in the collection admin itself, may need to use the desktop admin.

Assignment of theme templates is done in a resources admin(collection,prouducts,pages,etc) and not within the theme settings.

Basically this is so even changing themes the same template keeps being used instead of transient settings between themes.


When accepting a solution you can also mark your own responses. So lets other merchants know if had to do this in the desktop version because your mobile version was missing that part of the UI.


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So I got an email that you responded to me but it didn’t show me your full response. The key piece of info I needed was to try this in desktop admin. I’ve just gone in my MacBook and was able to see an option when in a collection to change its theme.


I find the mobile app really good but it’s missing a few bits like this which is a big shame as it’s infuriating for me to need to go in my MacBook just for certain bits.

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Hey, I'm having the same problem, I'm on a mackbook too but I don't know what to change on collections, I thought i had to change it under the "theme template" tab on the collections page but theres no other option for a different one or to make one, the only option is the "default collection"

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I'm having this exact same problem as well. I've created new templates but the only option i can select is "default template" on the collection admin.