How do I change the colour of heading on regular pages using Dawn theme?

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Hi, how do I change the colour of headings on the regular pages, like the Privacy policy page, Shipping page or other simple pages. The heading colour always remains black. Also, how do I change the colour of text on the login page?

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If it's the website in your signature, then this can be done. Since the H1 tag is used throughout the website, including on product pages, the code below will change the colors of all H1 tags except on product pages.

The following code will do what you want. You can change the values as you like. If you encounter any issues again, feel free to write, I'll help.


Navigate to the 'Edit Code' option in your theme settings, then search for "base.css" in the search bar and add below code.




div:not(.product__title) > h1{
	    color: purple!important;



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