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How do I delete blog post dates? (Focal NEW theme)

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I'd like to be able to delete the blog post dates in several areas...

  • In the front page under "featured blog"
  • On the main blog "news" page where all the posts are highlighted
  • In the blog post itself

I've looked repeatedly and haven't found where this is located.  

I've tried deleting the below line under "Sections" then "home_featured_blog.liquid", but nothing changed.


                    <time class="article__date">{{ 'now' | date: format: 'month_day_year' }}</time>


Can you please help?  My site is


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Clarification the dates of blog posts are intrinsically part of the data in the API, deleting the blog post is the only way to "DELETE" such data.

So you cannot delete blog dates what you want is to not display or not render blog posts dates.


To not visually display the blog dates you can CSS like the follow:

Always backup your theme before making changes.


time.article__date {
    display: none;


 add it to your themes relevant CSS file, theme.css ,style.css, custom.css etc


If your dates are sensitive and shouldn't be in the source code at all you will need to find all the locations in your templates, sections and snippets which varies wildly by theme.

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