How Do I Disable Auto Select Variant - Dawn Theme.

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I have different media library for the product. And different variant images.

Whenever the landing page loads, the first available variant is auto selected. I want to turn that o

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Hi @ja_aach ,
Can you kindly share your store link (with the password, if any) with us? We will check it and suggest you a solution if possible.


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Hi, I got the same thought.. could you visit mine product page at


I have 2 questions actually, first is how to turn off/deselect the auto-select on 1st option. Second issue is, as my second option was sold out, sometimes my first option will not back to available after click back from the sold out selection.


Could you give some advise on this? Ohya I am using dawn theme.

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Here the link:

I understand coding. So, tell me what line in product-template.liquid supposed to be removed. Or from any other file. Just let me know.