How do I Fix the Collection Banners' Size Using the Debut Theme?

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So when I was making my website, I added a bunch of collections to make it easy to find products, and I noticed that the banner at the top of the collection pages was just a horribly cropped version of the main image that I set for the collection, and I was wondering if there was a way that I could make the images not cropped at all so that it looks at least a little bit better


so like for example, I set this as the main image for one of my collections:








And then when you view the collection on Shopify, it shows up like this:






Desktop Version ^







Mobile Version ^


And seeing as that doesnt look too great, I was wondering if I could make them look like something more like this:






Desktop Version ^







Mobile Version ^


Now, of course that's not exactly how they would look bc they'd have to have the overlay with the collection name and stuff, but something kinda like that would be nice

I'm using the Debut theme if it helps