How do I get rid of "Default title" field?

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I've tried everything from using CSV to adding a line of code to try and override the "default title" element and It still wont go away. I don't have any product variants either. How do I get rid of this? My website is 


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Hi @dealsallyear ,

Could you please share URL and your store password if it enabled? So that we can help you.
Thank you.


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Hi @dealsallyear 

We checked and saw that the simplest way is to add CSS styles to the base CSS file of your theme (base.css, theme.css or theme.css.liquid,...):

.js-swatch swatch.clearfix {
display: none;

We hope that this can help you.


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Hi there! I'm having a similar issue to the one above. I purchased the "Abode" template and I'm rusty at coding. Can you let me know where I need to input the code above? Or do you offer any paid services to help fix the issue? Thanks!