How do I hide pages from my Shopify search results but NOT google/search engine results?

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I pretty much would like only products to show up in my search results when searching on store and a select few pages. Right now it's showing all of my pages including my sitemap, etc. when I search for a product keyword. I DO want these pages to be indexed by Google/other search engines, though.


How can I hide these pages only from the Shopify search but not search engine indexing/searches?

Below is a screenshot of the search results page. I want to hide items I have outlined in pink.



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Can you specify some more details, which theme you are using, and whether the search result page is custom developed by you or the original theme's page?

Contact for any custom design? Skype : ahsananc
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Hi @brendaanne3,

Please follow the steps below: 

- Step 1: Go to header.liquid file, find 'routes.search_url' and add code here:


- Step 2: Go to main-search.liquid file, find 'routes.search_url' and add code here:



<input type="hidden" name="type" value="product">


Hope it helps!

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 NO CODING NEEDED download search and discovery app by shopify - under  settings remove all boxes checked besides "products"  so easy to select what you want showing up under my sites search - i only wanted products not pages. 🙂