How do I include blog posts from different blogs into one blog

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So, I've been banging my head against the wall with this for a couple of hours now, using ChatGPT and any help I could find.

Here's my situation:

There is one main blog called "News"
There are 6 sub categories of the blog which can be accessed through the News blog

Now, on my news blog I have made it so that ALL blog posts from all categories are displayed.

Now, I have some older blog posts that are uploaded to the news channel, but I want to include them in specific categories I find them relevant for.

For example:

It is on the news channel, and I also want it to be on the gut-health blog, and I do not want to change the URL.
I want to add a code to my CATEGORY Blog template (a template specific to subcategory blogs, and not the main one)

In that code, there would be a functionality like this:

- if the blog is "gut-health", then display following blog posts (manually added blog post URLs)

How do I do this?

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