How do I show the lowest price in a collection?

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On my homepage I want to show the minimum price of a product in my shoes collection.

Right now my code is displaying the price of all my products in my shoes collection instead of just the lowest product price in the collection. 

Here is my code so far.

{% for product in %}
    {{ product.price_min | money }}
{% endfor %}

Thanks in advance!

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Well I figured it out on my own after 8 hours. I have no idea if this is best practice so if anybody has a better way to do it feel free to comment below.

In case anybody else is wondering how to do this what I did was make an array called shoesMin and then sorted it by price. Then I called the first item in the array.

{% assign shoesMin = | sort: 'price' %}
{{ shoesMin[0].price_min | money }}


If you want to get the max price in a collection you need to call the last item in the array like this.

{% assign shoesMax = | sort: 'price' %}
{{ shoesMax[-1].price_max | money }}


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Hi Sean,

the way you finally did it is actually a better way, because looping over all items in a collection is not possible if there are more then 50 products in a collection.

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Yeah I thought that was going to happen if I did happen to figure out a solution my origional way. Glad I looked into how arrays in Liquid work!

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Dude this is awesome. Thank you so much for this code. 

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It's possible up to 1000 products available in a collection. See the code example below:

      {% assign c_handle = collection.handle %}
      {% paginate collections[c_handle].products by 999  %}
      	{% assign shoesMin = collections[c_handle].products | sort: 'price' %}

        <div class="testMe">
          <h1>Minimum Price: {{ shoesMin[0].price | money }}</h1>

          <h1>Maximum Price: {{ shoesMin[-1].handle | money }}</h1>
      {% endpaginate %}
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