How I removed announcement, header and footer from a Broadcast theme template

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This was originally posted by @PageFly-Oliver as a solution to a similar question for the Refresh theme but it really helped me with my Broadcast theme template so I thought I'd make a separate post about it.

Original post can be found here


I wanted a template for landing pages without any navigation and distractions and tried sooo many other solutions and tweaks and absolutely nothing worked until I tried Oliver's solution. It worked for the header and footer but not for my announcement bar which instead seems to be called 'ticker-bar'. For anyone interested this is what finally removed announcement, header and footer in my Broadcast theme template:


{% if template contains 'insert-template-name' %}
ticker-bar, header, footer {display: none !important;}
{% endif %}

Step by step this is what I did:


1) Created a new template (in this case based on the lookbook template under pages).


2) Created a new page and assigned my new template to that page.


3) Pasted the above in the theme.liquid file above the </head> tag. (Remember to put your own template name instead of 'insert-template-name').


Anyway, I hope this can maybe save someone else half a day of frustration 😉

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