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How many entries per metaobject?

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I have created a metaobject named "subcategory" which consists of three fields: name, image, and URL in order to display the sub-collections in the collection page of my store. How many entries can I add to this metaobject? Is there a limit? I ask because I have more than 1000 collections, so I have to add more than 1000 entries to this metaobject. I have a concern also about the page load speed and it's performance with so many entries within a metaobject. I have never tried it before, and I don't know how the Shopify responds to this data. Has anyone tried it with so many entries? Of course, if I can have so many entries there.



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Hi @Grouse,


Metaobject are using liquid so it only renders when the metaobject is being called in the front end. It should not slow down your website. I do not see a limit in Shopify's documentation here

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